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Claudia Mellott

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Claudia Mellott MS, LCPC, CADC


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Depression is a broad disorder that manifests in both physical and psychological symptoms. There are often numerous factors that cause depression. Likewise, successful treatment often needs to be targeted on the psychological, emotional and physical components needed to help the individual raise their emotional baseline.


Anxiety serves a purpose in your basic human survival. Sometimes life circumstances, patterns of thinking, and genetics can influence whether anxiety is serving you productively or causing negative symptoms. These symptoms can drain us of physical, mental and emotional energy as well as create confusion and indecisiveness. I use a combination of mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, psychoeducation and breathing techniques to assist people in bringing anxiety into balance and freeing up the necessary energy to feel productive.

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Claudia Mellott

I try to create a gentle, compassionate, non-judgmental environment where you will feel supported and assisted in improving your life through therapy. Whether it be communication skills, coping skills, insight into your patterns or personal growth, we will work toward your goals for yourself.

Claudia Mellott

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