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Balance and Personal Growth

Group Therapy is an amazing way to foster balance and personal growth.

Girls Group: Long-term, open process group for females aged 13-18 that incorporates some skill building and psychoeducation about coping skills while also allowing the girls to share triumphs and victories and connect with their peers. Pre-screening intake is required. BCBS PPO is accepted for intake and group sessions. Self-pay clients are also accepted. Oak Park location.

Sexual Trauma Survivors Group: Long-term, open process group for female survivors of sexual trauma that incorporates some skill building, grounding techniques and body-centered interventions along with participants sharing their triumphs and struggles related to their sexual trauma history. Pre-screening intake is required; Self-pay only. Chicago location.

Adjustment Issues

At some point, we all experiences changes in our lives that are difficult to adjust to. They throw us off our equilibrium and make everything seem more confusing and upsetting. Examples of an adjustment issue include moving to a new city, ending or starting a relationship, leaving a job or starting a new one, marriage, divorce, pregnancy, the birth of children and many, many more. As you can see from this list, the changes don't have to be "bad" changes - sometimes even "good" changes are difficult. Whether you’re ending a particular chapter of your life or starting a new one, let us help you navigate through this difficult time.

Women's Issues

At CCBH, we know that women experience the world differently than men and may need specialized care. From relationship difficulties, to infertility, to eating disorders and/or disordered eating to body image concerns, we help women get back to feeling strong, competent and confident...the way they truly are.


Most people that I talk to are pretty confused about trauma so let's define it. Trauma includes things that you would typically think of as trauma like war experiences, car accidents, rape, physical assault, natural disasters, etc. These are one time horribly scary events that make people feel terrified & helpless. These are the examples that most people think of when we talk about trauma. But trauma can also be a difficult childhood that may have included: physical, sexual, verbal, &/or emotional abuse; divorce/separation; a caretaker who struggled with their own physical health or mental illness; a caretaker who suffered from addiction; witnessing domestic violence, etc. All of these things can profoundly impact someone, but because it was such a normal part of their life, they never think about these events as traumatic. Therapy can help you identify, articulate and work through the difficult things in your life that may be holding you back from the life you deserve.


Colleen Cira

Cira Center for Behavioral Health (CCBH) is a small group practice that has a team of Licensed Clinical Psychologists. Therapy is based on research and science, both of which are incredibly important, but at CCBH, we believe that nothing is more important than feeling heard and understood without any judgment. When a strong, supportive relationship is combined with direct feedback and skill building, people change and lives improve. We primarily work with adults who are struggling with major life changes (divorce, starting a family, etc), stress, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, anger, self-esteem and trauma.

Both myself & all of my associates, Dr.'s Gehr, Brandenborg, and Vukotic, specialize in treating trauma & women's issues. Additionally, several of our providers are certified in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), an evidenced based intervention that has been proven effective for treating chronic as well as single incident trauma.

We are RELATIONAL: We're humans too. This is obvious but bears being really explicit about because walking into a doctor’s office doesn't always generate a feeling of humanness. We are profoundly affected by you - not a completely objective, blank slate. We get to know you and come to deeply care about you - not forget about you the moment you walk out the door. We think about our therapy with you as a real relationship that we put our souls into - not just a service we provide.

We are STRENGTH-BASED: One of our problems with the field of psychology is how negative it can skew - all stigma, symptoms and problems. But we believe that everyone acts, thinks, and feels for a REASON. At some point in your life, this problem that you're seeking treatment for, it served you. It helped you. I'm sure it's crazy to think about it that way but it's likely true. At CCBH, we want to help you see your strengths and that they exist even where it seems like there are only flaws.

We are FEMINIST: We recognize that people may have a lot of negative connotations to this word so let us just be very clear about what we mean. At CCBH, we believe that women have strength, power and value. Period. We simply believe that women are incredible and can make a profound difference in this world when the limitations we’ve struggled with are mitigated or removed. It's that simple...and complicated. Let us at CCBH help carry and understand your burden so someday you don't have to and can move on to your real purpose.

Colleen Cira

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