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Ellen Katz

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Inner Balance


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  • 18–64

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$160.00 I offer a sliding scale


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Balance and Personal Growth

My favorite work of all! I am often referred to as a Teacher; I love providing inspiration, direction, mentoring and even coaching as I move into the last decade or two of my practice. Life has provided me with invaluable lessons and teachers, which I draw from daily to give away what I've learned. See my website for more on this.

Family Therapy

It takes an improv director to comfortably handle family dynamics in the office, especially when there are strong personalities and/or intense conditions in the family. This has been a specialty of mine for over 30 years. I am comfortably directive, gentle yet clear in handling the complexities that arise in families when they come for guidance.

Relationship Issues

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, working with communication and dynamics in families, couples and even work relationships has been a large percentage of my practice over the years. Referencing Myers-Briggs and other temperament sorters, meta-communication, Gottman's work on communication styles that destroy trust and more, I love serving as a guide and translator so that each member of the relationship can see from a deeper, wider perspective and enhance their skill set in responding to the other.

Spiritually Informed Counseling

Having a strong background in virtually all religions (BA Religious Studies, University of Michigan, instructor at Institute for Jewish Studies, Palm Springs, CA, Common Ground and Infinity Foundation, Chicago, IL) I have integrated the liturgy and cosmology of virtually every spiritual path - including shamanism, Native American spirituality, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufi, Christianity and Judaism.

From the standpoints of Transpersonal Psychology and humanistic psychology, one's relationship with one's higher self and creativity are key to an integrated, fulfilled, balanced and nourished life.

Soft Addiction

Using the 12-step variation on activating a connection with Self (IFS) and a higher self, empowerment is achieved not through CONTROL but through developing a sense of safety and trust. Addictions exist in response to trauma - even subtle, complex trauma buried in the unconscious. This structure is helpful for those who have been stuck or are beginning a journey of holistic recovery.


Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) is a relatively new alternative to EMDR. Used in conjunction with mindfulness and cognitive behavioral interventions, it is a powerful tool for initiating brain plasticity and re-wiring so that memories lose their terrifying and disruptive charge. I also use Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tara, hypnotherapy, music therapy and guided meditations, as well as bibliotherapy, holistic interventions and references to the addiction model.


Ellen Katz

I am an integrative psychotherapist who combines cognitive behavioral (thought re-framing, "the work") methods with mindfulness, hypnotherapy, trauma mind-body therapy, energy medicine (Reiki, TAT, yoga therapy), stress reduction and guided meditations, and addiction models including ACOA and Al-anon (co-addiction) specialties.

Ellen Katz

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