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Emily Garmisa

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Satya Counseling


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Sometimes we experience events so shattering, that it's as if our lives and our brains shatter; suddenly the most benign thing can remind us, and we're besieged by flashbacks and nightmares. Instead of being just a memory, we feel these moments as active threats in our lives. Using DBT and Narrative Therapies, I help survivors learn skills to cope through these moments, while establishing their own narrative, so that they can develop autonomy in their recovery.


Humans are social beings, that we need connections with others. When we lose a loved one, whether it's a friend, a partner, a parent, pet, or anyone in between, it can feel like our entire lives and reality fall apart. I hold a space for people to cope with loss and come to grips with a new life and a new reality. I believe rather than completely "getting over" the loss, the true goal of mourning losses is to find a new place for our loved ones and our memories of them in our hearts and lives.

Substance Abuse

Life can be scary and overwhelming; drugs and alcohol are sometimes the only tool you have to cope. Unfortunately, relying on substances to survive ultimately make your life even more overwhelming, creating an endless feedback loop. I use a variety of techniques to help someone stop the cycle, including Motivational Interviewing, Support Group Facilitation (12-Step, SMART, Dharma Recovery, etc.), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy so you can stop this cycle, and develop supports to cope.

My Specialties Include


Emily Garmisa

I help people to help themselves. The individuals sitting across from me are the true agents of change in their own lives. I hold a mirror to help them see themselves more clearly, and shine a light towards the direction they want to go. Clients approach me for help with anxiety, depression, addictions, PTSD, and relationship issues.

Emily Garmisa

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