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Dr. Gabi Granoff

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I specialize in working with people who have experienced ongoing, relational trauma in childhood and adulthood using both Somatic Experiencing therapy and psychodynamic, relational talk therapy. Combining both modalities recognizes and prioritizes the importance of one’s relationship to their body and internal experience in discovering a path to healing.

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Gabi Granoff

Being a warm, collaborative, humorous, and grounded psychotherapist is essential to my work. I believe that relationships are at the core of the human experience and I am committed to building trusting relationships with each of my clients.

My lens is psychodynamic. I believe our early experiences and relationships impact our well-being, so I take time to understand the circumstances of each individual’s life. Through deep understanding I help my clients gain insight into how those experiences have impacted them and where we can begin to build capacity for authentic self discovery and connection.

My work is also body-oriented. I work collaboratively with each client to curiously explore how their body processes and holds on to emotional and physical tension. Through acute body awareness and learning tools for emotion regulation, we discover the body’s natural system for healing and living more comfortably in the world.

I take a curious stance and join my clients in deeply understanding who they are and the experiences that have shaped them. Over time, my clients develop the ability to make positive changes.

Gabi Granoff

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