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Joshua Waters

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Gender and Sexuality

As a member of the LGBTQ community myself, I find it extremely significant to acknowledge the unique and complex issues that people face when exploring their gender identity and sexuality. This is especially important since the world has shown us in many examples recently that it can be really dangerous to do so...

Whether you are curious about exploring these issues for the first time, or you're already experiencing problems in the face of discrimination, bigotry, and hatred, I can be a warm and supportive guide in learning how to love yourself and how to deal with those that may not understand or appreciate the beauty in being queer (which may mean addressing some internalized homophobia too).

Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

As someone who has struggled with symptoms of ADHD for my entire life, I have extensive personal and professional experiences in managing problems of disorganization, impulsivity, hyperactivity, and a host of other issues from a holistic perspective. The goal in treatment then is to strengthen our natural ability to redirect attention and maintain focus on important issues in our lives more mindfully such that the problem is "less problematic." We may never be able to "cure" ADHD, but there are ways to harness this neurodiversity to become the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Relationship Issues

We are all unique individuals, so it makes sense that we don't always "click" 100% with those around us. Truthfully, it seems like the closer we get to really knowing each other intimately the more difficult or painful it can be when we encounter problems with our family, friends, and significant others...

But most often the "problems" we have in our relationships do not stem from different life experiences or perspectives, but merely how we communicate about and resolve those differences. If you and your loved one(s) are having problems wading through difficult issues together (i.e. infidelity, career/life transitions, or generally feeling unsupported) then it may be time to seek help.

My purpose is never to make judgments or recommendations about the relationship itself, but to help all willing parties strengthen their ability to express their wants/needs from each other and make their own decisions regarding how to achieve those goals.


Anxiety is often experienced as confusion, uncertainty, or fear surrounding our past or future decisions, and other times can just feel like a low "hum" of nervous energy that infiltrates many different parts of our lives. In my experience, anxiety is generally a helpful "warning sign" that there may be things going on in our lives that we aren't happy with, or that we don't know how to deal with - and that's okay.

No matter what, it is important to explore these feelings and put a "voice" to them such that we can listen, acknowledge, and understand the anxiety in a new way - hopefully so that it feels better, or easier to manage in the long-run. The point then is not to "get rid of it," but to form a new relationship with it that embraces the "benefits" and minimizes the negative impact it has on our daily lives.


Joshua Waters

Where do we find happiness or fulfillment when the world around us seems so dark and scary? How do we find ways to connect with people or express ourselves when we often feel so anxious and alone? And in the midst of intense or chronic pain, how can we experience pleasure or even HOPE that the pain will subside?

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY tends to be an inviting and comfortable way for my clients to allow me into the deepest and sometimes scariest places in their minds so that we can explore their interpretation of the “problems” they carry in. With a pure attitude of compassion and non-judgmental awareness we can then start to question more about “why?” we feel the way we do...when we lose someone (romantically or through death), when we feel an enormous pressure to conform or to succeed, when we get “stuck” in the Future or the Past, or when we have strained relationships with family or friends, among other things.

In COUPLES THERAPY, things can definitely get a little spicier and more fast-paced as my approach tends to be somewhat unsettling at times...but in a, “He just called me out on my sh*t, but he’s also calling them out on their sh*t too” kind of way. I think that all relationships are beautiful because they perfectly demonstrate the different ways that joy (and conversely pain) can influence how we live and experience our lives. All too often, we just tend to have small kinks in our ability to communicate and problem-solve issues with one another, usually stemming from fears or worries that something disastrous could come of it. MOST of the time, this can be resolved quickly and effectively when both partners, in whatever kind of relationship, make an active choice to try something different…. like therapy for instance.

Life is a neverending roller-coaster of finding balance in our emotions, but sometimes it's easier to ride those waves with someone by your side. There may not be "hard and fast" answers to all of life's riddles, but I am committed to helping you explore your experiences to find meaning in the disappointments, hurts, and losses, such that you can walk away from them stronger and more committed to living a happy life.

No matter where you are in your journey, I’m here to offer my mind and experiences to you and yours, and would love the chance to help you construct the life that you “NVision.”

Joshua Waters

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