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Dr. Josiah Miller

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Urban Brain and Body


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Balance and Personal Growth

The pursuit of personal growth and balance is a noble and courageous journey that can be challenging and confusing at times. Therapy provides a safe and supportive place for people to explore their goals and ambitions for life and create a plan to reach them!

Family Therapy

Having worked with a wide range of youth, I can say that the strongest influence on the lives of children and adolescents is their family system. Working with couples and families provides a unique way to bring change to the single most important people in the lives of my clients.

Identity Issues

Self-discovery and redefining one's sense of self are never ending processes that can yield rich meaning and purpose in the lives of individuals with the courage to explore how they have changed and grown over time!

Spiritually Informed Counseling

I work people from minority faiths who struggle to reconcile their spiritual and cultural traditions and values with their secular goals and ambitions. I have unique insight into the values and traditions of people from minority religious communities (e.g. Mormon (LDS), Jehovah's Witness, Jewish, Muslim, Bahai, Unitarian Universalist, etc.).

Relationship Issues

I help couples and families struggling to find common ground and work through he challenges they face together. I also have a wealth of experience helping children and adolescents with a broad array of challenges and issues.

Men's Issues

I work with men who have a difficult time opening up about their emotions and who may be resistant beginning the therapy process. I can also provide unique insight into the issues that interfere with the health and happiness of modern men.


Josiah Miller

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and have always loved the outdoors and winter sports. I moved to Chicago in 2012 to pursue attend graduate school and earned my degree, which is a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in the field of clinical psychology with an emphasis on working with children, adolescents, couples and families. However, I also have extensive experience working with adults, a diverse array of under-served communities and treating a broad array of mental health concerns. I have satisfied all of the requirements for licensure as a clinical psychologist in the state of Illinois and have submitted my application materials and hope/expect to be fully licensed in the next several months. As part of meeting these requirements, I completed three years of clinical rotations here in Chicagoland as well as an APA accredited predoctoral internship at National Psychology Training Consortium in rural Missouri and a postdoctoral fellowship at Advocate Children's Hospital - Behavioral Health Services in Oak Lawn.

As a therapist, I strive to be mindful of how difficult embarking on the journey of personal growth and change can be for anyone and take a personal, collaborative and individualized approach to psychotherapy. I do not believe in one-size fits all psychotherapies and strive to be flexible, responsive and adaptive to the needs of those coming to see me while offering clients a broad spectrum of evidence-based treatments, interventions, and techniques. My views on psychology, psychotherapy and the therapeutic relationship are closely tied to the Existential & Humanistic Psychology paradigms and movements because it fits with how I view myself, others, the world and my work as a clinical psychologist. For me, the greatest strength of this "phenomenological" approach is that its flexible and inclusive perspective enables me to adapt my treatment to fit the needs of my clients rather than clients having neatly fit into a theoretical framework. For me, providing truly client-centered therapy starts with and extends beyond the theoretic framework of Person-Centered Psychotherapy to include any concept or intervention that best meets the needs of the person in my office and is informed by empirical evidence gathered from scientific research, clinical judgment and the therapeutic relationship.

Josiah Miller

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