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Megan "Megz" Roberts

  • MA

Satya Counseling


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Patient Age Preferences

  • 18–64

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  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
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$66–150 I offer a sliding scale


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People experiencing anxiety usually struggle with uncontrollable or racing thoughts, fearing the unknown, feelings of being pressured by societal standards, and have unmanaged self-criticism. They may feel limited connection to others or may often feel overwhelmed in day-to-day experiences. These undesired thought patterns are learned responses from our environments and past traumas. Just like they were learned, they can be unlearned and adjusted to suit your needs and desires in the present moment and future.

I use ACT and somatic therapy exercises for anxiety to increase awareness of symptoms before they become unmanageable. I also incorporate creative activities to increase self-exploration to deepen the therapeutic process. Anxiety is not you and you are not anxiety. Anxiety is something we can choose to carry with us or leave at home while we create new experiences in the world.

Relationship Issues

A lot of couples struggle with communication and intimacy concerns. I see this stemming from the ability to be heard and seen emotionally in the relationship without judgment or it leading to a heated argument. Many partners hesitate to express themselves freely in order to save the relationship from these battles, which in turn only leads to greater battles in the future. Relationships require safety and constant collaboration to cultivate a space of vulnerable goodness and passion.

I use the Gottman method and movement explorations to help partners understand and make meaning of behavioral patterns, strengths, weaknesses, wants, and needs in the relationship. I support couples by helping them to feel safe with being vulnerable and safe for expressing emotions and needs. Working relationship thrive when they invite curiosity and connection into the picture.

Gender and Sexuality

I see members of the LGBTQIA+ community experiencing concerns with feeling safe in the body, especially around people of society who do not identify as LGBTQIA+. They are concerned with self-acceptance and feeling connected to others and themselves as they navigate the challenges and pressures of society to be “normal." You may seek the feeling of being understood and the desire to walk the world in a body that feels safe and free. I support members of our community by offering a space of curiosity, where the culture of who you are is embraced and feels safe to bloom


Megan "Megz" Roberts

I use creative modalities, such as movement, art, and music, as a way to increase self-expression and self-acceptance. I also use ACT to address negative thoughts about oneself or the world that act as a barrier to living in vitality.

I create a safe, nonjudgmental relationship where you can explore your own way of growing, healing emotionally, feeling heard, and connect with your relationships. I see my role of therapist as helping you foster interconnectedness with yourself and others.

I identify as deeply spiritual. I'm experienced in making space for different traditions and viewpoints from organized religion to atheism. I'm a countercultural activist who roots for you to take ownership of your own joy. In my free time, I enjoy dance, exercise, cooking, painting, reading, and exploring the outdoors.

I work at Satya Counseling, a practice that specializes in working with artists, trauma survivors, counterculture, and the LGBTQ community.

Megan "Megz" Roberts

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