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Nikki Busch

  • MSW

Satya Counseling


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Patient Age Preferences

  • 18–64

Accepted Insurance Providers

  • Aetna
  • Coventry
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Choice

Rate Per Session

$135 I offer a sliding scale


(773) 492-0913


Gender and Sexuality

I see LGBTQ identity as an ongoing process of discovery, rebirth, and coming home to yourself. Often nonlinear in nature, our identities are continually evolving pieces of ourselves. I recognize that identity formation, identity reconciliation, and identity integration require a safe space for exploration and reflection. Utilizing queer theory, attachment theory, narrative therapy, positive psychology, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) I support clients in weaving together safe and supportive self-identities. I see my approach as a collaborative ally on this healing journey. Together we can create a safe space for your authentic self.

Relationship Issues

We often find ourselves in similar relationship patterns and dynamics. Whether these are relationships with family, friends, or romantic partners, we knowingly (and unknowingly) carry what we learn from past relationships into new ones. Recognizing these patterns and dynamics requires a safe and nonjudgmental space for exploration and examination. Together we can work to identify these attachment patterns and figure out what is workable for you. Through the use of attachment theory, internal family systems, dynamic attachment re-patterning experience (DARe), narrative therapy, positive psychology, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) we can identify and transform your role in relationships. While we cannot change other people’s behavior, we can change our own. You are worthy of supportive and loving relationships in your life – let’s find out what these can look like for you!


Anxiety has a sneaky way of disguising itself. It can often feel difficult to confront – how can we break away from something that feels so powerful and familiar? I see anxiety as myths and faulty narratives that we tell ourselves. They can frequently feel comforting, but they usually cause us significant challenges. By integrating acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), positive psychology, narrative therapy, and elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), we can address anxiety patterns and dynamics that are no longer useful. I see my role as a collaborative support in restructuring these narratives. Remember, anxiety doesn’t get to control your life.


Nikki Busch

As a queer woman, artist, and intersectional feminist, I bring an insightful and dynamic perspective to every session. I practice ACT, the Gottman Method, narrative therapy, attachment-based therapy, and positive psychology. I'm especially passionate about supporting the LGBTQ+ community, queer couples, poly couples, artists, and trauma survivors.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, visiting museums, seeing visual and performance art, and spending time at the beach. I'm an avid photographer, and love to shoot and share images. I love animals, often spending time with my cat or meeting cute dogs while walking through the city.

Nikki Busch

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