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Dr. Brett Fry

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Brett Fry, PsyD, PC


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Patient Age Preferences

  • 18–64

Accepted Insurance Providers

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

Rate Per Session

$180 I offer a sliding scale


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Relationship Issues

Human beings are social beings. We do not exist in isolation. Although relationships are vital for emotional health, they are often quite difficult and challenging. I put great emphasis on helping clients understand how their interpersonal relationships affect their emotional well-being. In my work, I attempt to help clients understand their relational styles and patterns, while exploring ways to experience more interpersonal fulfillment.

Identity Issues

A healthy self-concept is crucial to psychological well-being. How one defines oneself is influenced by various issues including career identity, family identity, sexual identity, and cultural identity. Understanding who one is (and feeling good about that) can lead to feeling more comfortable in one's own skin, and having more fulfilling life experiences. I enjoy working with clients on their journey of self-discovery as they seek to learn more about themselves and what makes them unique. Exploring and understanding a client's interests, passions, beliefs, and talents can help the client discover all the parts of themselves that make them who they are.


Everyone experiences anxiety, but at times, anxiety can be so intense that it feels uncontrollable, unmanageable, or consuming. In therapy, it's important to understand how anxiety gets manifested (i.e., physical symptoms, obsessive thinking, inability to relax, excessive worry, panic attacks, etc.) I try to help clients learn strategies to calm themselves in the moment, but I also emphasize the importance of underlying the root causes of the anxiety.


Depression is more common than we realize. To be human is to experience periods of hopelessness, sadness, or despair. Whether such depressive feelings are chronic or brought on by an identifiable trigger, I believe that therapy can be instrumental in alleviating suffering. I focus on understanding the client's experience, exploring underlying causes, and collaborating with the client to decrease symptoms.

Adjustment Issues

My belief is that life is not static, but full of change. But it is not always an easy task to accept and understand the changes that occur in the life experience. The therapeutic relationship provides support, perspective, and understanding--all of which facilitate the healthy adjustment to life events.


Brett Fry

Working with various populations has taught me the importance of understanding the full individual and his/her own unique experience in the world. In therapy, I provide a supportive environment that focuses on symptom reduction while also exploring underlying roots of emotional discomfort. I encourage self-exploration, emotional processing, and self-acceptance. I believe in helping clients understand how their past experiences impact their current lives, and in utilizing the therapeutic relationship to foster clients' growth and self-fulfillment. I find therapy to be powerful and exciting. It's a privilege to help people strive for their potential.
In my private practice, I work with adults of various ages. I frequently work with individuals needing help with adjusting to significant life changes (i.e., changes in relationship/marital status, geographical moves, career changes, having children, beginning college, etc.), anxiety/stress, depression, self-esteem, relationship problems, existential issues, and family troubles.

Brett Fry

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