• Verified
  • Licensed in Illinois

Cheryl Meltzer

  • LCSW


No, I cannot prescribe

Patient Age Preferences

  • 13–17
  • 18–64
  • 65+

Accepted Insurance Providers

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Choice
  • Cigna
  • Medicare

Rate Per Session

$125.00 I offer a sliding scale


(773) 339-8438

My Specialties Include

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Grief

  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

  • Anxiety


Cheryl Meltzer

In my practice I see adolescents and adults. I view therapy as a place where you can more fully understand yourself and your relationships and therefore be empowered to make better choices in your life. My stye is informed by dynamically oriented and relational therapy. Regardless of theory, the most important part of the process is building a relationship built on trust and safety. Through this safe and supportive environment we will help you build on your strengths and problem solving skills as well as deepen your self awareness and self understanding.
I have a lot of experience working with trauma, including sexual abuse. In addition, I also have a wealth of experience and enjoy working with adolescents and young adults dealing with depression, anxiety, separation and transitional life issues. I have experience working with many different kinds of problems and a diverse clientele.
My strengths include my warmth and making sure you feel safe and understood. I also have a lot of tenacity and determination to hang in there with people who have difficulty changing particularly engrained patterns in their lives. My office is conveniently located in the Loop close to public transportation and street parking is available.

Cheryl Meltzer

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