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Balance and Personal Growth

Some approach psychoanalytic psychotherapy to deepen their level of insight and awareness, increasing access to their inner-world. I welcome the opportunity to join you on your journey of self-exploration. Undoubtedly, a deepening awareness of one's self leads to increased capacity for personal growth, which then yields improvements in many realms of experience.

Personality Disorders

Personality disorders have acquired a noxious reputation in many clinical and public spheres; yet, issues of personality are far more common and treatable than some believe. Indeed, psychoanalytic psychotherapy is known for shifting character structure in long-lasting ways.

While personality structure is certainly a complex topic, many in the field conceptualize personality as a combination of innate temperament and traits developed during early upbringing. When primary relationships are harmful, unsupportive, frightening, lacking, or overbearing, personality disorders can result.

I specialize in treating those with traits associated with borderline, narcissistic, dissociative, and schizoid conditions.

Gender and Sexuality

Issues of identity can feel overwhelming and frightening, particularly when left unexplored or hidden within. I work from the perspective that one's subjective experience of themselves (intricate and nuanced as it may be) is the most important factor in establishing their own definition of self as it relates to gender and sexuality.

I am unambiguously pro-trans*, pro-queer and I make no efforts to oversimplify your experience. You may hold a kernel of a feeling or sense, something tentative and unknown, that you wish to explore. I am here to explore with you, at your own pace. Alternatively, you may feel confident in your sense of self, but struggle with outside responses and barriers. We might then work together to navigate ways of increasing external support and/or inner resources.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

When I first learned about psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic (sometimes called psychodynamic) psychotherapy, I pictured an austere-looking Freud perched behind a couch, listening to his patient talk with only the occasional utterance of acknowledgement or insight. This is a commonly held idea; yet, it doesn’t hold true for more contemporary forms of psychoanalytic therapy.

I place a greater emphasis on the relational components of psychoanalytic treatment. Together we will explore your inner experience -- your thoughts, feelings, images, sensations, and dreams -- as they have related to influential experiences in your past, and as they manifest in the context of our relationship.

I typically see patients for psychoanalytic therapy 1-3 times weekly.


Hannah Weiss

In choosing psychotherapy, one opens to the pursuit of awareness and authenticity. While this journey is sometimes arduous, most experience a sense of fulfillment previously unknown. Those who choose to see me often wish to uncover barriers which prevent them from living creatively, peacefully, expressively, and authentically. I aim to provide a warm, nonjudgmental atmosphere where individuals feel comfortable exploring all aspects of their being, including hidden dreams and desires. Such exploration is often accompanied with reductions in anxiety, depression, impulsivity, or inhibition.

When we approach what is with friendly curiosity, a space for what may be arises. In this deeply meaningful process, one discovers that the complexities and contradictions inherent in being human can be understood and reintegrated in the therapeutic space.

While this work can take some time and patience, the process of sharing one's self is often relieving -- particularly with the knowledge that whatever arises will be accepted, kept confidential, and will eventually make sense.

I have been engaged in advanced training at the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis since 2016. With psychoanalytic therapy, I help you become aware of your unconscious mind's workings so that you can better understand the sources of your distress while revitalizing inner development. Please visit hannahweiss.org for additional information.

Hannah Weiss

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