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Laura Dziekiewicz

  • CYT200
  • LCPC
  • LCSW


No, I cannot prescribe

Patient Age Preferences

  • 13–17
  • 18–64

Accepted Insurance Providers

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Choice
  • United Behavioral Health

Rate Per Session

$130–150 I provide teletherapy


(773) 542-3128


Women's Issues

Psychotherapists at Move Therapy and Wellness are certified in treating perinatal mood disorders including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum through targeted therapies, relationship and communication supports and holistic approaches that include self care, natural supplement regimen, nutrition education, and exercise.

Balance and Personal Growth

In using goal setting, visualization and cognitive behavioral approaches along with self-care coaching, executive functioning training (routines, schedules, organization, prioritization strategies) mind/body techniques like yoga and meditation for stress relief and self-awareness/self-discovery, the Move Therapy and Wellness team will help to support you in gaining personal insight, identifying obstacles, uncovering or rediscovering strengths and achieving fulfilling and meaningful growth.


The Move Therapy and Wellness team includes and collaborates with certified
yoga therapists and licensed acupuncturists as well as hold additional professional certifications in Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy, Mind Body Exploration and Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy which includes guided mindfulness meditation practice, breathing and relaxation techniques and yoga practice for addressing symptoms of anxiety, unresolved trauma, anger management, perinatal mood disorders, depression and anxiety and can improve stress management and self care skills, symptoms of insomnia, inflammation and poor digestion.

Relationship Issues

The Move Therapy and Wellness team will help you to identify problematic patterns, manage conflict and strengthen connections within a variety of relationship types, including friendships, familial relationships and intimate partner relationships. Therapists are trained in specialized techniques including the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy.

Adjustment Issues

In using goal setting, visualization and cognitive and dialectical behavioral approaches along with mind/body techniques like yoga, meditation and mindfulness, the Move Therapy and Wellness team will help to support you in manage challenges related to significant change (including loss, separation, transition from school to career, career shift, etc.) developing a sense of confidence and direction in difficult transitional life phases.


The team at Move Therapy and Wellness uses a variety of effective therapeutic and psycho-educational techniques for helping clients build coping strategies for anxiety management. From Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral techniques, to nutritional strategies, to the practical (daily) application of self-healing brain/body modalities like breath-work, visualization, meditation and gentle movement (yoga) the combination of these therapies will help to break the psychological, biochemical, and physical cycles of anxiety.


Laura Dziekiewicz

I help women in their 20's, 30's and 40's who are experiencing anxiety, chronic stress, relationship struggles, symptoms of depression and postpartum anxiety and depression to feel relief from painful symptoms by providing a safe space to gain insight and perspective and to develop healthy coping skills and habits. Because I am young, I can relate to your issues but bring the wisdom of years in clinical practice and the understanding of the importance of mind/body approaches to healing and health.

I will help you find relief from overwhelming, painful, and confusing emotions and experiences through mindfulness techniques, mind/body exploration, strengths based and cognitive behavioral approaches. You will gain personal insight, identify problematic patterns, improve coping skills, develop a feelings of self-compassion and uncover existing strengths.

My approach stems from the belief that the need for support is a result of a physical, emotional, spiritual, social and/or environmental imbalance and my work is focused on helping clients to improve self-awareness and self-care skills, to create healthy habits and to develop insights that enable them to be at their mental, emotional and physical best.

In addition to psychotherapy, we offer individual yoga therapy, small group yoga, meditation classes and a variety of speciality workshops.

Laura Dziekiewicz

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