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Identity Issues

If you find yourself second guessing your decisions, constantly looking for external validation, and monitoring and censoring how you are depending in what situation you are in, then you are constantly sending a message to yourself that who you are is not “good enough.” This can take a toll on your self-esteem to the point that it becomes difficult to find your voice let alone express it. Therapy helps with finding the underlying reasons behind this constant internal battle and finding ways to start challenging the internal and external messages that are damaging to your self-perception.

Balance and Personal Growth


Being anxious can be physically and emotionally exhausting. A big part of the struggle is often times our anxiety demands most of our mental energy instead of spending our efforts on what requires our focus and attention. This interferes with our ability to effectively move in the direction that we want and instead feel paralyzed with the overwhelming feeling of being out of control. In therapy, we will explore different ways in which you are ineffectively spending your mental energy and patterns that are contributing to your ever growing anxiety.


Feelings of emptiness, loneliness, and an overall sense of something missing in life can often lead to feeling emotionally stuck with nowhere to go and no one to turn to.Depression can wear many different masks including feelings of distraction, tiredness, disconnect from your surroundings, anger, and judgment towards self and others. Therapy can be a safe space for you to explore and identify such feelings that you might otherwise never even acknowledge within yourself. This often leads to an awareness of where these feelings stem from and how to create a new reality in your life.

Relationship Issues

A typical commonality that a lot of us experience in life is the need to be in safe, nurturing, and loving relationships. Given that this is such a priority for many individuals, it is amazing to see how little we work in building and maintaining such relationships in our lives. I often hear from my clients that they feel lonely either as a result of not being in a relationship or feeling extremely lonely and not understood in their existing relationships. Therapy helps with bringing these issues to the forefront and focusing on how previous experiences, family of origin, and different communication styles impacts individuals’ perspectives in relation to others.

Adjustment Issues

Despite what society and older generations often remind us of our 20’s and 30’s being the best years of our lives, emerging adults and young professionals today face more than ever the overwhelming demands both personally and professionally. Finding a healthy balance between investing in your career, finding a purpose in what you do, and all while building and maintaining fulfilling interpersonal relationships can at times seem near impossible. In therapy you will have the opportunity to step back from all these demands and evaluate what your happiness look like and what you need to do to achieve that in your life.

My Specialties Include


Mahsa Mirazimy

Do you feel emotionally exhausted, find yourself struggling to see the silver lining and it becomes easy to give into thoughts of being defeated, wanting to give up, and not knowing where to start? Developing insight into your emotions, past experiences, and your decisions empowers you to feel more in control of your life, find the direction you want to take, and eventually live the life you want to live. My area of expertise is working with individuals and or couples who are in inter-cultural relationships and are looking to enhance their understanding of each other and their relationship.

I also specialize in working with high stress life transitions such as relocating, career change, and divorce as well as familial/ relational conflicts, grief/ loss, cross-cultural issues, issues related to sexuality and gender, and concerns regarding self-esteem. I value my client's uniqueness and tailor treatment interventions accordingly.

At Discover Psychological Services LLC, we believe that therapy is about discovering elements that interfere with your happiness as well as uncovering potentials that drive you towards your goals. We believe obtaining skills that help you become more psychologically healthy and strong is equally as important as being physically healthy.

Mahsa Mirazimy

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