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Sarah Blaszczak

  • LMFT

Sarah Blaszczak LMFT


No, I cannot prescribe

Patient Age Preferences

  • 18–64

Accepted Insurance Providers

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

Rate Per Session

$100 I provide teletherapy


(510) 213-3389



I have a long history of practicing and providing guidance through mindfulness techniques. One of the most powerful antidotes to anxious feelings, thoughts and behaviors is practicing being present with ourselves and others. I can support clients in identifying their barriers to being present and explore along with them techniques for overcoming those barriers.

Gender and Sexuality

I am passionate about working in and providing a safe space for all forms of gender expression. I believe in supporting safety and empowerment so people can be their full true selves in as many contexts as possible .


I have worked with trauma survivors of all ages using a very strength-based approach to healing. Trauma can manifest psychologically, emotionally, physically, spiritually and in relationships. I approach the healing through the whole self, starting with the parts the clients is most attuned to and feels safest with. I use grounding, art, music, writing, and our therapeutic relationship to provide safe means of processing, integrating and creating meaning from the trauma.

Sex Addiction

I work with people struggling with compulsive sexual behavior, their partners and couples. I use a harm reduction method called Motivational Interviewing to help client's access their own goals and motivation for achieving their goals. I also use a Systems approach to help decrease shame by increasing awareness about the origins of the symptoms within a broader context.


Sarah Blaszczak

I was born with the ability to see situations from multiple vantage points, which has led to my intense compassion for all kinds of human suffering. So much suffering comes from feeling alone in our particular experiences and being without the tools and support to achieve and heal. As a therapist I am privileged to have the training and passion to journey beside people so they do not feel alone or judged, and so solutions can be explored for becoming the people we want to be, sometimes despite the world we live in.
I believe that happiness comes from being our authentic selves and finding places where it is safe to do so. Being a therapist is being my authentic self and brings me great joy.
My therapy practice is driven by a belief that if anyone had been through what you had been through, they would be exactly where you are. I also believe in equifinality, the idea that there are multiple paths to the same destination. My job is to help you find your unique path to your unique goals.

Sarah Blaszczak

(510) 213-3389