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  • Licensed in Illinois

Tanya Wilhoit

  • LCSW

Live Oak


No, I cannot prescribe

Patient Age Preferences

  • 18–64
  • 65+

Accepted Insurance Providers

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO


(773) 880-1310 ext 7766

My Specialties Include

  • Women's Issues

  • Spiritually Informed Counseling

  • Relationship Issues

  • Eating Disorders

  • Trauma


Tanya Wilhoit

I believe each person has inherent value and worth. Through lived experiences, one can cease living from a space of inherent worth, authenticity, and connection with others. I believe therapy can be a place to be heard, witnessed, practice new ways of experiencing the world, and to find authenticity and connection. Therapy can lead to a reconnection to positive self-worth and value.

Commitment to therapy takes a great deal of honesty, courage, and vulnerability. My role as a therapist is to hold a safe space for healing and growth, help uncover one’s gifts, strengths, passions, and to help find new ways of working with aspects of life that are not working. I believe this can be done through feeling understood, developing a sense of safety and trust in the therapeutic relationship, being empowered, and examining the ways one has learned to cope. I aspire to collaborate on what support looks like for each individual, and feel privileged to do this work.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, as well as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I am completing the Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training, and I feel very comfortable helping client’s build connection with their bodies, as well as resolving trauma symptoms “stuck” in the body. I have worked with adolescents and adults experiencing eating disorders/disordered eating, substance use, self-harm, depression/anxiety concerns, relational and communication issues, and trauma/abuse. I have worked with people of all identities, including different religious/spiritual backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, socio-economic statuses, and cultural backgrounds. I have worked extensively with those impacted by violence and trauma.

I am compassionate, straightforward, and strengths based. I take a collaborative and relational approach to therapy. I meet clients where they are at and strive to learn what will work best for each person. I view clients’ with a holistic perspective and work with all parts of each person’s life. This can be done using a mind, body, spirit approach. I work using coping skills building, mindfulness, utilizing the therapeutic relationship, and I bring in a body-focused lens as needed or desired by clients. I am comfortable thinking creatively and working with each individual in a way that feels best for them.

Tanya Wilhoit

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